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Posted by The Community Provider Association on Dec 18, 2019 1:36:21 PM
The Community Provider Association


We all need community: someone in our corner. It is natural. It is human!

And when it comes to providing care for disabled members of our community, that need couples with needing to be heard by those who allocate funding to our community. 

This is why we’re here. 

Who is the Community Provider Association?

Keep reading - or peek into our digital trifold download below - to discover! 

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Who is the CPA?

We are a member-driven association comprised of quality care providers for disabled persons within our community. 

Our Mission?

  • Secure vital public funding
  • Pursue initiatives 
  • Advocate
  • Collaborate
  • Educate

What Does The Community Provider Association Do?

  • Equip
  • Promote
  • Encourage
  • Provide 

Download our digital trifold download → HERE ← to learn more! 

What is the Purpose of The Community Provider Association?

Our disabled community members, and you, their caretakers, deserve a unified voice in our legislature. The CPA shapes and facilitates this voice. 

Several elements within this field are fundamental to your existence. From promoting optimal funding, to fostering optimal ethics (and every indispensable reality between), our primary purpose is seeing you flourish. 

Take a stroll through our digital trifold download and delight in our purpose fully articulated!  


To Download Digital Trifold ➤ Click Here!

Community Provider Association:

YOUR voice when and where it matters most. 


To promote optimal funding, program integrity and public policy enabling its members to deliver quality services to people with disabilities in all community based service models.



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