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How to Grow Your Community Provider Business Through Staffing and Retention

Posted by The Community Provider Association on Mar 4, 2020 8:59:32 AM
The Community Provider Association
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If you have been looking for ways to grow your Community Provider business, we suggest you focus on staffing and retention. 



As you probably already know, running a successful Community Provider company hinges upon having proper staffing. Hiring the wrong people can have catastrophic effects on your organization. Here are two things that you need to make sure of when it comes to your staffing efforts:

  • Select a hiring manager and team that add quality employees to your company.
  • Select managers that are well-equipped at spotting when a team member is not adding value to your organization and will take proactive measures to get things back on track.

Ensuring your staffing success 

In order to do both of those activities well, you need to have a thoughtful and comprehensive recruitment process, and you need to ensure that employee evaluations/check-ins are consistently taking place.


Relationships Matter 

Hiring good people is an important part of the equation; keeping them around is the other. Just like any other relationship that you maintain in life, your relationship with your employees will require some work on your part.

Employee Experience Matters 

By taking a little time and putting in some effort towards engaging your staff and improving their employee experience; you can improve your employee retention—whereby allowing you to focus on other things, like the growth of your organization.

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Community Provider Association member testimonial 

At the Community Provider Association, we come together as Community Providers to support one another, with suggestions and information like the one in the article. 

In fact, one of our member's took some advice that they received regarding employee staffing and retention and were able to successfully improve their business by enhancing their employee experience. Here is their story:

“In addition to the value we have realized by having the collective, louder voice for the legislative issues that affect those we serve, the CPA has delivered great ideas that we have put directly into action.

Because of a webinar presented through our affiliation with CPA, we learned about the ability to create an online store for employees to purchase items that feature our company’s logo.

Following the webinar, we shared the idea with our Employee Engagement Committee and created what we call the ‘Holy Angels Spirit Store’. Our employees were able to shop online for jackets and sweaters that will be branded and professional.

The next step will be to add additional items, and we hope to one day keep the Spirit Store open year-round. The program was well-received by our staff and now everyone is looking forward to wearing the Holy Angels wings with pride!”

Laurie Boswell, Holy Angels


If you are looking for other ways to improve your Community Provider business, joining the Community Provider Association, may be prove instrumental to your success! 

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