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It's Election Season! Help Individuals with Disabilities Access the Polls

Posted by The Community Provider Association on Oct 20, 2020 11:24:31 AM
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It's that time again: election season! All of us, including individuals with disabilities, have an important role to play in determining our country's future by casting our votes. 

The general election is quickly approaching on Tuesday, November 3, and now is the time to nail down your voting plan and assist others in your community to do the same. 

Individuals with disabilities often must overcome an extra layer of adversity to cast their votes. Keep reading to learn more about helping those with disabilities access the polls this election year.

How To Help People With Disabilities Vote

Wondering how to vote if you or someone you know has disabilities? Individuals over 18, including those with disabilities, have a right to vote, so we've compiled resources to help simplify the process.

The American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) puts out incredible guidelines and instructions each year on voter registration and access.

1. make sure you are Registered To Vote

You can register online, HERE, at Louisiana's online registration portal or by downloading the mail in form. The deadline to register for the November 3 election has passed, but you can still confirm your registration or register for future elections. 

2. Bring the correct information If Voting In-Person

Louisiana allows in-person early voting, so you can vote between October 16 and October 29 (except Sundays) to avoid the longer lines and wait times on election day! Find your early voting location here

You will need to bring your ID with you to the polls.

If you need assistance, you may choose someone (except your boss, union agent, or a candidate) to assist you in marking your ballot.

3. Vote By Mail/Absentee option

If you have a disability, you are able to vote absentee (by mail) in Louisiana.

Otherwise, Louisiana requires an excuse, which could include higher personal risk of COVID-19, quarantining, or caring for someone at a higher risk or quarantining because of COVID-19.

You must request a ballot through your local Registrar of Voters online or by printing and mailing, faxing, or delivering an application (found HERE).

Note, that your vote-by-mail ballot application must be received by 4:30pm on October 30, so request your ballot as soon as possible to make sure that your ballot is received on time!

4. Submit My Mail-In Ballot

In order to return your ballot, you must send your ballot by mail or hand-delivery to your Registrar of Voters. Your ballot must be received by 4:30pm on November 2, so request your ballot as soon as possible if you plan to vote by mail!

You will also need your ID for mail-in voting as well.

You will need to provide an acceptable photo ID number when you apply for your ballot or you will need to include a copy of your ID if you are applying to enroll in the disability program.

ADditional Resources

Check out these additional links to help you easily find the information you need to vote and register today!

Click to Vote!

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