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Louisiana EVV Compliance Tips to Help You Increase Your Revenue

Posted by The Community Provider Association on Feb 17, 2020 10:24:10 AM
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EVV Compliance

Part of our mission at the Community Provider Association (CPA) is to provide current and relevant information to our member agencies. 

We found some pretty interesting data about EVV compliance, however, that we thought would be beneficial to anyone who provides personal care services (PCS) in Louisiana, not just our members—and we wanted to share it! 


Here is a major tip that we wanted to share with you, brought to our attention by one of our members: 

"As providers, it is very important to keep manual entries as low as possible. If your manual entries are above 10% then all services that were manually entered above the 10% will be blocked for payment."

Bridgette Willson - Care Inc. 

21st Century Cures Act 

For those of you who are not familiar with all of the nuances of PCS billing processes, the 21st Century Cures Acts was a new law adopted in 2016. It went into effect on January 2020 or before, for most states.

The legislation outlines exactly what data needs to be collected and electronically verified in order for PCS providers to receive reimbursements from Medicaid, but gives states the flexibility to create their own systems.

Its purpose is to set-up an accountability system for caregivers and prevent governmental fraud from occurringIf not complied with, organizations may be subject to incremental federal medical assistance percentage (FMAP) reductions. 

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EVV Explained 

EVV is short for Electronic Visit Verification. It is a method used to verify home healthcare visits in order to prevent patient negligence and government defrauding outlined by the new  21st Century Cures Acts. 


With the increasing state-to-state EVV mandates, there are now programs that exist that can assist you with properly managing your data and keeping you on track for receiving adequate reimbursements for your services. However, the program is only part of it—  maintaining vigilance in the use of it is the other component. 



The CPA has been monitoring how manual entries are calculated.

We discovered that SIL phone contacts were being counted in the manual entries–thus they were part of your manual entry percentage.

By working with LDH we got this issue resolved for all SIL providers–we made sure that they were not being counted in the manual entries. By ensuring that manual entries are properly calculated we have helped providers with billing more timely and correctly. 


As a member, you would have access to this type information and more!

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