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Member Spotlight: Arc of Acadiana

Posted by The Community Provider Association on Aug 18, 2020 1:15:33 PM
The Community Provider Association

Arc of Acadiana

We want to spotlight one of our CPA Members: the Arc of Acadiana!

Read on to discover who Arc of Acadiana is, how the Community Provider Association has benefited the Arc of Acadiana organization, and what their experience has been like as a CPA member.

What is Arc of Acadiana?

Arc of Acadiana is committed to securing for all people with disabilities the opportunity to develop, participate, and live life to their fullest potential.

This dedicated and dynamic organization has been working with volunteers, educators and professionals on local, state and national levels to raise awareness of and community support for their cause for more than 66 years! The Arc of Acadiana serves over 650 people with developmental disabilities statewide and they currently employ over 650 staff!

Arc of Acadiana’s ultimate goal is to foster an environment within the communities of South and North Louisiana where all people are accepted as individuals with their own capabilities, who can contribute to society in any way possible.

Arc of Acadiana provides care in the following 4 services:

How has being a member of the CPA benefited Arc of Acadiana? 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Arc of Acadiana has benefited greatly from our CPA membership by collaborating with fellow CPA members and providers around the state to identify PPE equipment suppliers. 

We have also been able to share information related to our COVID-19 policies with each other on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis to better serve our clients.

Being a member of the CPA has also provided Arc of Acadiana and our management team a platform to collaborate with some of the best business people and providers in the state to speak with ONE Voice, ultimately delivering a stronger message of unity, to secure what we need to serve some of the most vulnerable people in Louisiana.

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What effect has the COVID-19 pandemic had on Arc of Acadiana?  

Arc of Acadiana’s management team had to develop plans of action for all programs with the priority of keeping our clients and staff safe.

Because of our management team’s diverse skill set, along with technology, and our constant daily communication with other CPA members, we were able to develop COVID-19 policies very quickly, respond and implement safety protocols with staff, and continue to interview, hire, and train staff virtually.

This allowed us to continue to focus on our clients and programs to protect and serve each of them to the best of our ability. As providers, we began to reach out to each other to see how we could help. 

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CPA members working together

A great big THANK YOU to some of our fellow CPA member partners like Laurie Boswell at Holy Angels in Shreveport, for ordering masks for us during this pandemic! 

To Bridgette Wilson with CARE Inc., who is always there to answer any billing questions and partner in any way, and Erica Buchanan with CADENCE of Acadiana to share work challenges we face to better serve our clients together! 

These are real life examples of true partnership and CPA in Action!

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Do you think the arc of acadiana could have addressed the outbreak as successfully if you were not a CPA member? 

We would not have been able to accomplish as much as quickly as we did if it were not for the communication we had with other CPA members during this pandemic.


Hearing the struggles of other providers and how each dealt with various situations helped us to improve and build on those techniques to keep our clients and staff safe. From sharing resources, time, and policies, to helping each other out in any way that we can. 

CPA Member professional network

Benefits of being a member of the cpa 

“Our longtime association with CPA has been very advantageous to The Arc of Acadiana. The professional representation they provide to our organization with local,state,and federal entities is excellent. Being a member alongside such a diverse group of providers has helped us to navigate government regulations, funding, and employee issues. The knowledge base of our co-members is priceless!”

Kenny Patton
CEO, Arc of Acadiana

"I have not seen such a movement of mutual respect, trust, and working together as fellow providers as I have seen during this pandemic. It’s truly amazing to see what true partnership is like when you come together, and the CPA is the conduit for fluid united provider success!"

Cindy Leleux
COO, Arc of Acadiana

Who Is the Community Provider Association?

Since 1985, we have served the state of Louisiana to promote optimal funding, program integrity and public policy enabling our members to deliver quality services to people with disabilities in all community-based service models.

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