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Member Spotlight: Holy Angels

Posted by The Community Provider Association on Apr 28, 2020 11:32:38 AM
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In this blog and video, we take a moment to hear from Laurie Boswell, CEO of Holy Angels in Shreveport, about how the Community Provider Association has benefited her organization.

Click on the video and read below to learn how the CPA is making an impact for Holy Angels and other organizations in Louisiana! 


What is Holy Angels?

Holy Angels was established in 1965. We continue our mission to serve individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

We provide care for those with complex medical needs and also for young adults that live in our community homes.

We also have services for those that live in the community, children and adults that come to our autism center, and also adults that come to our day program.

How has CPA helped Holy Angels during this COVID-19 Pandemic?

"We really have faced many, many crises throughout my tenure here if we think about (Hurricanes) Katrina, Ike, Rita, etc.

I think as you face crises together, it strengthens your team. This COVID-19 pandemic has been something that has been unlike any of the other crises that we have faced.

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I cannot imagine addressing all of these complex issues without the support of the Community Provider Association. You know, those of us in leadership often find that it is a lonely place to be. And CPA has brought me the benefit of great friends and also sharing best practices and resources, like where to order the personal protective equipment that is so needed.

Without the contacts and support of other providers that serve on the CPA board, I really can't imagine how difficult it would have been to face this pandemic. It's taken a lot of planning and new policies and procedures and to have the strength and synergy of the team. So, not only has our Holy Angels team strengthened, but the team of all of the providers and members of the team of the CPA are so important."

Who Is the Community Provider Association?

Since 1985, we have served the state of Louisiana to promote optimal funding, program integrity and public policy enabling our members to deliver quality services to people with disabilities in all community-based service models.

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