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New Partner Announcement: Cura OS

Posted by The Community Provider Association on Nov 30, 2021 8:42:53 AM
The Community Provider Association

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The new partnership with Cura OS will provide exciting and exclusive group purchasing benefits for CPA members! Keep reading to learn more about these creative plans.

What is Cura OS?

Cura OS is a comprehensive, fully-integrated, business management software solution for ICFs and HCBS organizations, and is the only software solution of its kind designed specifically for providers in Louisiana. Cura OS’s mission is to help HCBS and ICF providers accelerate their growth and profitability. 

powering your business management

Cura OS offers comprehensive solution that give providers complete control over regulatory requirements, scheduling, overtime and billing as well a payroll. With custom-made systems for the recruitment process in mind they ensure that your business runs smoothly by keeping you informed about new opportunities or changes on their side of things while allowing employees to focus solely on meeting customer demands!

Why It Matters

Cura OS simplifies and unifies every facet of your business so you can focus on what matters most: caring for people.

Partnership Details

Depending on the total number of members who become Cura OS partners, members can receive between a 5% - 10% discount. Initially all members will receive a guaranteed 5% discount. As we recruit more members, the discount increases. 

Join Us

Being a CPA community partner provides businesses with valuable visibility to the entire disability services community across Louisiana. We are thrilled to have Cura OS on board!

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Interested in making a difference? The Community Provider Association (CPA) is Louisiana's leading trade association for disability service organizations, including home and community-based waiver providers, support coordination agencies, and ICFs.

CPA gives its members the opportunity to shape the future of disability services in our state through initiatives like hosting an annual conference with industry leaders that brings together attendees from across Louisiana who have a hand in shaping policy on issues affecting individuals with disabilities.


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