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Who Is The Community Provider Association?

Posted by The Community Provider Association on Sep 4, 2019 11:26:53 AM
The Community Provider Association

Who Is The Community Provider Association?

Would you like to be “in the know” about upcoming decisions affecting individuals with disabilities in our state?

Are you an employer who understands the expense of quality care-giving? Would you like to influence change? 


Community Provider Association, a member-driven, non-profit organization, welcomes you. 

CPA's Mission Statement:

As Louisiana's leading trade association of  members who provide quality services to people with developmental disabilities, our mission is to secure necessary public funding and to pursue initiatives through advocacy, collaboration and education. 

CPA's Vision Statement: 

All people with developmental disabilities in Louisiana have the opportunity to live to their fullest potential. 

How the Community Provider Association Fulfills Our Mission and Vision Statements:

  • Equipping you with tools to effectively influence government policies and systems.

  •  Keeping you informed. Knowing when, where and how are the first steps toward influencing change. 

  •  Promoting optimal funding, program integrity and public policy.

  •  Encouraging your company’s growth and quality; providing access to a resource clearinghouse and optimum staff training opportunities. 

  •  Encouraging the highest standards of quality and ethics among your staff members.

  •  Providing forums, workgroups and committees; uniting your voice with others in your field.

  •  Providing networking opportunities.

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What Problems Do individuals with disabilities and Their Providers Face?

Running a business with insufficient funds is nearly impossible. Too often, this scenario is experienced by providers striving to serve disabled community members.

Indeed, these 35,000 disabled citizens of Louisiana deserve a definitive, clear voice in our legislature.  

Who Resolves Problems Facing the Disabled and Their Providers?

Together, we are that voice. Through influencing our state legislators, we can help our disabled brothers and sisters actualize their fullest potential. 

CPA is here to assist, coordinate and guide you through this process. 

Who is more qualified to illustrate these needs to our leaders than you, our first-hand providers?   

As community providers for disabled citizens, you are fully aware of the consequences of unmet expenses: 

  •  Quality training needed for your employees. 

  •  Funds needed for tailored clientele care. 

  •  Gaps in rate increases and methodology.

  •  Employee turnover rates.

  •  Business-running while in the RED.

  •  Individuals with disabilities brothers and sisters suffering needlessly.


"The CPA has been great for CARE Inc. As a provider of long term care services in Louisiana, it has been a struggle to have an active voice in the decision processes at the state level. The CPA gives us that voice.

It is too important in today’s legislative climate to understand how decisions are made and what can be done to influence policy makers on our behalf. The CPA has allowed our industry to be competitive with other long term care solutions when competing for state funds, determining best practices for state wide implementation and building relationships with leading policy makers.

Without the CPA we would be without a voice, without influence and without the recently established rate restoration and guidelines to ensure our survival for the next several years. We love the CPA."

James Griffith
Owner, CARE Inc. 

CARE Inc., owned by CPA member James Griffith, is thriving because of our assistance at the state level.

Let us serve your company by ensuring state funding, helping you determine best practices for state-wide implementation and serving as liaison between you and policy makers. 

In Conclusion:

Louisiana is heralded across the U.S. for our warmth and hospitality.
Should not our state expenditures reflect this same warmth and hospitality? 

We are the culture for whom many of our Acadian ancestors embraced hardship; abandoning shelter, property and comfort, to preserve. A culture which values every life.

In this family, in this faith, our foundation is rooted. 

Have we forgotten?

This is our heritage. This is who we are. 

We are Louisianians.

Community Provider Association, a voice for our disabled, and for you, their providers.

Let's be that voice together.

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