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Why You Should Join Community Provider Associates?

Posted by The Community Provider Association on Oct 16, 2019 9:13:35 AM
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Community Provider Associates Membership

Sometimes we need to take a look around to see if others have been successful on the journey that we are thinking about embarking on. That is why we like to let our current members speak about CPA to educate potential members on what is possible by becoming a member of CPA.


As a CPA member you will have the opportunity to influence and shape public policy and drive systems change.

You and your staff will have the opportunity to grow professionally through training events and access to a resource clearing house. You will also have access to timely and in-depth information on state and national issues affecting the people you serve and the service delivery system.

As a CPA member you will have opportunities to share your thoughts and ideas with peers by participating in standing committees, membership forums, ad hoc industry-specific workgroups, or board committees. This will allow you to engage in information sharing among members through regular meetings, web forums, and the newsletter like you never have before.

What Can Becoming A Member Of CPA Do For Your Business?

Below, Mr. James Griffith of CARE Inc., shares his experience as a member of CPA:

"The CPA has been great for CARE Inc. As a provider of long term care services in La. it has been a struggle to have an active voice in the decision processes at the state level. The CPA gives us that voice. It is too important in today’s legislative climate to understand how decisions are made and what can be done to influence policy makers on our behalf. The CPA has allowed our industry to be competitive with other long term care solutions when competing for state funds, determining best practices for state wide implementation and building relationships with leading policy makers. Without the  CPA we would be without a voice, without influence and without the recently established rate restoration and guidelines to ensure our survival for the next several years.  We love the CPA. "

James Griffith

Owner CARE Inc. 


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